Class of 2017: Hanna Jenkins

Hanna was born in Salem, Oregon and grew up in Bakersfield California. She graduated from East Bakersfield High School in 2000 at the age of 17. Hanna attended CSU, Fresno pursuing her BA in Theater with an emphasis in acting and costume design. Before she completed her BA she left Fresno State and joined Americorps where she volunteered her first year of with Monterrey County United for Literacy in Salinas, California. There, she worked at a Title One elementary school with two classes of fourth grade students. All of the students were English Language Learners. After her first year was complete, Hanna volunteered another year with Americorps, this time with the Providence Children's Museum in Providence, Rhode Island. There she worked within the museum as an aptly named, "Museum Play Facilitator," as well as working in the museum's Head Start Program. During her year with the museum Hanna worked in 60 different Head Start classrooms with children ages 3 to 7 and learned to develop curriculum and age appropriate activities. By the end of her second year of Americorps, Hanna knew she wanted to become a teacher, so, it was time for her to go back to school. She returned to California and received her Bachelor's at CSU, Sacramento in 2009 along with a minor in ceramics. She then completed the Waldorf teacher training program in Eugene, Oregon (Waldorf Teacher Education, Eugene) and joined the faculty of Cedar Springs Waldorf School in May of 2011.



Class of 2016: Amy Elder

Faculty Chair

Amy enjoyed a rich childhood, full of wonderfully imaginative experiences and positive interactions with family and friends. After working in a fast-paced, high-stress career that required a lot of traveling, she decided to follow her dream to become a teacher. Waldorf Education has given her the avenue to share her many interests and talents with her students, inspiring them to pursue their own. After graduating from Rudolf Steiner College, she joined the faculty at Cedar Springs in 2006.



Class of 2015: Paula ThompSon

Although Paula has always felt a bond with children, she did not come to teaching until later in her life.  She graduated with a major in journalism, specializing in advertising copy writing, and a minor in marketing.  Although she had a very successful career in advertising in both Boston and New York City, she consciously made the choice to pursue a teaching career after nearly 20 years in advertising.  After graduating from Rudolf Steiner College, she joined the faculty at Cedar Springs and has been teaching here since 1996.



Class of 2014: Matt Taylor

Matt wasn’t particularly motivated to learn in school, unless there was a connection and a passion that came from the teacher. After leaving high school, he was happy to work into a career at a podiatry lab and as a training officer in a volunteer fire department, where he found that studying and constantly learning new skills added breadth to his work. When he was ready to seek a formal education, he became a math and English teacher, hoping to share his passion for learning practical and meaningful skills with Junior High students. Eventually, Waldorf Education became the avenue for him to find value in his life’s work, while giving his own family the benefits of this educational experience. Since 1999, he taught Upper Grades math at Cedar Springs, completed his training at Rudolf Steiner College, and eventually joined the faculty full time.